Monday, September 16, 2013

A McAlister Family Update---In Pictures

 We are settling into life in the woods.  We are still homesick, but we are finding places for all of our stuff and finding our way around in the woods.  We started school as soon as we got here.  I wanted the kids to have something to do every day; especially since we don't know anyone yet. There's no one for the kids to play with besides me, so they needed something to do.  Here are a few pictures of our adventures so far.

Ella--first day of Kindergarten
Aidan---first day of 5th grade

Ella works on reviewing her letters

Aidan working on geography

Apparently, geography is funny
Homeschool PE---ride your bike down the hill to the pond
Recess when it's 102 degrees with 80% Humidity
Life Hack---If your dog ruins your slip and slide...just pour water on it with a pitcher
Making the Letter S with salt dough and cookie cutters
Or, as it is otherwise known...making a huge mess

Making a Salt Dough Map

Anna Loves the Porch Swing

Went inside to get a drink...came back out and found these 2 knuckleheads on the swing

She covered herself with a was 96 degrees

Aidan practicing on the piano---he's doing great.  I love that he's excited to learn :)

So---this, along with unpacking/cleaning/organizing is what we've been up to.  And now, my mother can stop calling and asking me when I'm going to take some pictures.  :)

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